Wheels on the Bus

Starring your toddler

We LOVE this app! Our favorite of the Wheels on the Bus apps by far.

Brilliant personal touches that will really engage children in early literacy learning.

My toddler loves playing with this. It's so cute for him to identify himself as the bus driver.

I LOVE it, I have a couple other Wheels on the Bus apps & this is the cutest.

You're the driver today! If you love Wheels on the Bus - this is a dream come true. Sing along and drive to pick up passengers.

Recommended in The Literacy Trust app guide.

Be the star in this best selling preschool nursery rhyme. Sing along, drive the bus, play memory games and do jigsaw puzzles.

Research shows that singing & memorizing rhymes rhymes helps children progress with reading.

Wheels on the Bus Game free

You're the bus driver!

The only Wheels on the Bus app starring you. Just add your face and off you go. Sing-along to your favorite nursery rhyme while you drive and play.


Wheels on the Bus go round and round

Singing and driving

Ding the bell, pick up passengers, honk the horn and why not stop for a ice-cream? Now wipe those wipers... a cheeky frog is getting mud on the windows!


Wheels on the Bus song offline

Educational fun for your toddler

Classic jigsaw puzzles starring your child in their favorite nursery rhyme and Wheels on the Bus memory games.


Wheels on the Bus app

Calm bedtime verse

What happens when the lights on the bus go off? It's bedtime on the bus. But wait... who is that flying the rocket?!


  • Starring your child
  • For ages 1 to 4 years
  • Preschool language development
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Imaginative role play for boys & girls
  • Memory and concentration skills
  • Exceptional quality guaranteed
  • No ads, no data-gathering

Apps for grandparents

 Add family faces

 Giggles galore

Wheels on the Bus app for grandparents and grandchildren

Apps for grandparents

 Add family faces    Giggles galore   

"I got this game for my Granddaughter who is 2. She absolutely loves it. I like how we use her picture for the bus driver. She calls it the "Ginnie Bus"."

We love hearing how much fun grandparents have playing OkiPlay apps with their grandchildren. Choosing family faces for the games is a favorite feature - we've even heard from grandparents who play when their grandchildren aren't around :)

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